Zoom-Be 2 Game

Zoom-Be 2 Game

The story of two nice boys named Zoom and Bee continues. After they turned into zombies, you helped them escape from a terrible laboratory, but their adventures do not end there. Their only hope for salvation is to get to the power generator, which is located in the tallest building in the city. Their path will pass through various city maps and more. Will they be able to go through all the levels of the game, get to the place they need and turn into normal guys again?
In the game "Zoom and Bee 2" you have to help the guys go through difficult levels. By playing together with your friend on the same computer, you can complete various tasks and solve puzzles together. Where a big hero cannot pass, a small one can always climb through and this helps a lot. Make your way through complex and intricate mazes of maps and beware of armed thugs. Ride the elevators, start various mechanisms and activate the buttons. To move on to the next level, the guys need to get to the exit door together, the only way they can win.
With each level the game will become more difficult, because each next level will be even more intricate and difficult. Play and don't lose hope, our zombie guys are already very close to the goal and they are not going to give up. Complete levels and collect stars, unlock cool new hats for your heroes and just have fun with this cool game for two!

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