Stickman Team Force 2 Game

Stickman Team Force 2 Game

Have fun with this new game a spectacular game of the most beloved stickman team of all and now with a new mission in the dangerous deserts of Egypt will you dare to conquer this new adventure? Play now and have fun with this Stickman Team force 2 the second part of the saga comes to entertain you for hours.
Have fun with this new game, this time the stickmans team accompanies Jacky the Leader of the team who will try to guide his teammates to fulfill this new mission, Jim a gunner who never fails and Joe the most intrepid of all who will seek to take care of the backs of your team ! ! Destroy all of our monsters that a wicked spell awakened and now want to conquer the world ! ! ! ! guide the characters help them move and destroy all enemies.
On mobile devices use the buttons on the screen
On the keyboard move with the WASD buttons
Z key to attack
X key Space bar for Special.
C key to change character

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Developer/Sponsor : Kiz10
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