Duo Survival 3 Game

Duo Survival 3 Game

"Survival Duo 3 for 2" is a new part of the famous survival arcade! Here you will again save the world together with a brave couple. A lively girl and a strong guy turned out to be an excellent team and perfectly cope with all tasks and trials. They are not even afraid of meeting with zombies and endless puzzles that fill the world of the walking dead! Do you want to test your nerves and lead your own monster survival mission? Then, adventure awaits you!
Here you can play in splendid isolation and be responsible for both characters on your own, or invite your best friend and carry out an operation to save humanity for two. It will be insanely cool, and every player will feel like a real hero! Each character has special skills and skillfully uses them. The guy has big strong muscles and can easily knock out a monster with his club. Also, he swims well and is not afraid of any bodies of water. That's just the guy can not jump high and is not able to climb through small passages. But this girl does a great job! She deftly overcomes the narrowest loopholes and jumps high. Also, the baby accurately throws bottles and can activate levers that are at a distance.
Ahead of you are waiting for twenty basic and one bonus level. To open it, you need to not only go through all the previous ones, but also collect 60 gears. Pump up your logic skills to the maximum and overcome all the traps and ingenious riddles that the dangerous world of zombies has prepared for you. Now the fate of humanity is in your hands! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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