3D Monopoly Game

3D Monopoly Game

Welcome to the world of financial tycoons! In the mini-game "Monopoly 3D", you will be able to join the world of money tycoons and cunning brokers. The game fully corresponds to reality, and the rules are no different from a real board game. Up to four players can participate in this game. Each participant must choose their own color, name and chip. You will have several cool chips at your disposal: a boot, a ship, an iron, a breastplate, a car, a cart, a hat and a doggie. As soon as everyone makes their choice, you can start. There will be a large game map in front of you. In the center there will be cubes and three types of cards:cards "chance", "chest" and cards of all monopoly enterprises. Each player must take turns to roll the dice and the number that falls out means the number of moves. On each cell of the game there is an enterprise or cells with a surprise. At the start, each player will have an amount of one thousand five hundred and fifty dollars. If the player gets to the enterprise, he can buy it or refuse. If one participant gets on the property of another, then he will have to pay a fine. if the player got to the chance or chest sector, then he will have to perform a certain task. If the player stopped at the prison cell, then he will have to sit there in place with a skip of moves. Become a real darling of fortune and the richest monopolist. Good luck!

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