Wolf Games

Play Alfie The Werewolf Coloring Game

Color original illustrations of Dolfje Weerwolfje! You can color free, color within the lines or use the automatic fill. You can also download and print the Dolfje Weerwolfje coloring pages so you can color them in real life or hang them on your wall. Choose a pencil and colors from the bottom right corner.

Play Alfie The Werewolf - Soup Adventure Game

Dolfje Weerwolfje's friend is sick and Dolfje needs to make a magical soup. Sneak into the creaky house of misses Krijtjes to grab some spooky ingredients! This mysterious house is haunted with dangers everywhere. Can Dolfje find what he is looking for? Use the arrow keys to move.

Play Angry Little Red Riding Hood Game

Mouse click to help Little Red Riding Hood bring down the big wolf and monsters, and make Little Red Riding Hood safe at home

Play Monkey GO Happy 104 Game

Play Monkey GO Happy 104 Game

Play Undead 2048 Game

This Halloween, in the castle, something is calling monsters out of nowhere. Arm yourself with courage and face horror. Combine pairs of monsters, ghosts and demons to get as far as possible in this version of the 2048 classic puzzle. Merge two identical monsters to evolve them and empty the space before these evil beasts finish with your life. Start mixing pumpkins and end up opening the doors of Hell itself. Are you ready?

Play Running Pumpkin Game

Running Pumpkin is a runner-style game. With lots of fun, this game will test your skills and reflexes. Try to go as far as possible, jumping over the holes and eliminating the enemies.

Play Bunny Pairs Game

Your goal is to make multiple pairs of bunnies with the same color. Watch out that the bunnies do not leave the playing field, because there are hungry wolfs waiting for them in the forest. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice pigs in order to arrange the required bunny pairs. In order to progress to the next level in the game you must finish the previous level.

Play Puppy Puzzle Game

5 games and 10 images! Jigsaw Puzzle, 15 Puzzle, Sliding Puzzle. . . Solve all the puzzles and keep your brain sharp! Do puzzles and have fun!

Play My Fairytale Wolf Game

In this magical dress up game, you are a cute shaman girl and have to take care of a beautiful white wolf!

Play Crazy Real Dog Race Game

Crazy Real Dog Race is a dog racing game where you need to participate in the race and compete along other dogs in order to win the first place. You can choose from three different game modes and several dog breeds. Don't forget to give your dog a special treat if you win the first place.

Play Crazy Dog Racing Fever Game

There's nothing more thrilling then crazy greyhound racing. Run your wild dog on the tracks and make him win animal crazy racing championship of 2020. Crazy real dog race and greyhound racing game is an animal and pet racing game of puppy dogs in which crazy real dog racing is going to take place in the world's biggest dog race tournament

Play Cute Puppies Jigsaw Game

Cute Puppies Jigsaw is a free online game from genre of puzzle and jigsaw games. You can select one of the six images and then select one of the four modes (16, 36, 64 and 100 pieces). Select your favorite picture and complete the jigsaw in the shortest time possible! Have fun and enjoy!

Play Wild Wolves Game

You are a becoming alpha wolf and you have to accomplish your duty like a leader by protecting and feeding your pack. Features • Multiple levels • Good graphics

Play Wolf Jigsaw Game

Wolf Jigsaw is a free online game from genre of puzzle and jigsaw games. In this game you have a total of 6 jigsaw puzzles. You need to start from the first one and to unlock the next image. You have three modes for each picture: Easy with 25 pieces, Medium with 49 pieces and Hard with 100 pieces.

Play Hunting Season Game

Hunting Season - Hunt or be hunted as simple as that. You have hunter instincts, animals are there, upgrade your weapons for clear shot, nearest you get better chances of hunt it is. As the time runs out, you have to get clear shot before taking hunts out. Some animals are dangerous, they will fight back. If you survive, then you have story to share with freinds and some trophies to take with you in your drawing room. . Challenge is on!

Play 15 Puzzle Game

15 Puzzle is a Logic Game. Choose your favorite image among those available. Move the tiles in grid in order to compose the image selected in the least time possible Tap the tile to move it in the empty space

Play Kumu's Adventure Game

Start your journey in a far future continent, where magic and tech rule the world. Explore the da...

Play GrabParty.io Game

Get ready for a fun arena game where you will face powerful opponents! All you have to do is touc...

Play Wild Hunt - Jungle Sniper Shooting Game

It is time to get your hunting gear, your gun, sharpen your senses and chase wild animals in real...

Play Scary Evil Monsters Jigsaw Game

Scary Evil Monsters Jigsaw is a free online game from genre of puzzle and jigsaw games. You can s...

Play Defeat The Monster Game

You must choose a weapon from three options to destroy the corresponding monster, you must be qui...

Play Sheep Party Game

It's a free arcade game, easy to play, with HD graphics for 1 to 4 players. That's right: 4 playe...

Play Sand Worm Game

Dig through the ground as a big monster worm. Grow by eating enemies, collect power ups and defea...

Undead 2048
Undead 2048
Sheep Party
Sheep Party
Sand Worm
Sand Worm
Macaco Feliz 104
Macaco Feliz 104
Wild Hunt - Jungle Sniper Shooting
Wild Hunt - Jungle Sniper Shooting
Scary Evil Monsters Jigsaw
Scary Evil Monsters Jigsaw
Running Pumpkin
Running Pumpkin
Defeat The Monster
Defeat The Monster

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