Spike Trap Games

Play Mr. Lupato and Eldorado Treasure Game

Mr. Lupato goes on a trip and needs your help to find Eldorado treasures. Help him to jump and get all gems and keys. Open the door at the and of each level and get stars. Don't miss additional jumps, find 4 secret levels and collect beutiful diamonds. Complete all 15 levels and enjoy this exciting adventure and funny platformer.

Play Rescue Cut Game

The villain needs to escape from the room, but different rooms are blocked by different mechanisms. You need your help to make villain escape successfully.

Play Stairs Game

Would YOU be brave enough to climb? Try to pass each stair in this crazy endless journey. Dodge spikes, collect rubies and make insane perfect combos! Started from the bottom now we're here!

Play Zombie Mission 6 Game

Zombie Mission starts the 6th episode with a brand new adventure. After capturing a map, they set out to the desert. The Zombie team kidnapped some prisoners and took them to the desert. Cooperate with your friend and rescue the prisoners in the desert to rescue! In Zombie Mission 6, there are mini boss and mega boss that you have to defeat. Be sure to improve your weapons and health bar with the coins you earn in order to defeat them! For this, click on the market icon between the levels and check out what you can do. In very crowded areas, you can use the new Robots that joined the game and gain extra power in the fight. Also, don't forget to collect all data disks! This way you can move on to the next level. GAME CONTROLS Player 1: Move: W,A,S,D Hit: F Grenade: G Jump: W(Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: Q Player 2: Move: ARROW KEYS Hit: L Grenade: K Jump: UP ARROW KEY (Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: P

Play Low's Adventures Game

This is a platform game with 32 levels. You'll guide Low in yours adventures in each one levels, wich the main goal is collect three coins (some them can be hide) to unlock the trophy and go on to next level. Keyboard (WASD) and Touchscreen.

Play Cube Xtreme Game

Play 27 awesome levels in this incredible arcade/skill game and enjoy two games mode and get hours of fun.

Play Battboy Adventure Game

Battboy Adventure is a platform game, where the hero must overcome all the levels by dodging the thorns and eliminating the villains (killer clowns). Collect all the stars to complete the game 100%. The graphics are colorful, cartoonized and beautiful. Altogether, there are 08 levels that increase the difficulty as the player goes through each one. Use the keyboard or joystick to play on the computer. Use Touch Buttons on your Mobile Device.

Play ATV Quad Bike Impossible Stunt Game

Welcome to 4X4 Quad Bike dusty offroad mountaineer trail racing games. Driving extreme fast most powerful ATV Motor Bikes on offroad will give you fun.

Play Zombie Mission Game

We need to save the very important records from the hands of the zombies for the humanity. To do this, you should cooperate with your friend and should collect the the disks which are protected. It is going to be more harder to collect the disks on each level. Remember to use powerful guns to complete the missions!

Play Heroball Adventures Game

Play Heroball Adventures Game

Play Color Balls Game

FZ Color Balls - Feel the Rhythm. Jump or Smear. is a rather hard game where you have to assist this ball in jumping through obstacle!

Play Zombie Run Game

Running Zombie game. Run, slide and jump to avoid the deadly obstacles! Run for your life! Oops, your'e dead already!

Play Dino Meat Hunt 2 - New Adventure Game

The dinosaurs have just started searching of meat hunt by the coming of the winter. This time a harder adventure is about to start. Little dinosaur can jump to high places and the big dinosaur can destroy dangerous monsters. Complete the game levels which have hard puzzles by cooperating with your friend and prepare the meat stock for the dinosaurs.

Play Monsters Run - Gravity Game

Monsters Run is a game in which you have to control a small monster to pass as far as possible to a destination without being destroyed. You should avoid spikes and saws on the bottom and top of the screen. You need to move the monster to move it up or down the track depending on where the obstacles are. So avoid all obstacles, collect stars and try to get the best score. If your monster is hurt you need to start the game again from the beginning. Tap on screen to play

Play Zombie Mission 7 Game

The Zombie Mission continues with the brand new 7th episode. A completely different adventure awaits you! While our heroes are on vacation, the space station is invaded by zombies. With an incoming message, they interrupt their vacation and immediately go to work. You have to fight with a total of 20 Levels and 3 different Bosses. Collect all disks, repair servers and rescue prisoners. In order to continue the fight, make the necessary upgrades by clicking the MARKET icon. (You can do it with the coins you earn between levels. ) Don't forget to use wearable robots. Characters can jump on walls. You will also need to use gravity switches! GAME CONTROLS Player 1: Move: W,A,S,D Hit: F Grenade: G Jump: W(Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: Q-E Player 2: Move: ARROW KEYS Hit: L Grenade: K Jump: UP ARROW KEY (Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: O-P You can play the game both 1 Player and 2 Player. You can check the walkthrough video from the W icon in the levels you cannot pass. We also recommend that you start in Normal mode when playing the game for the first time. Let the adventure begin!

Play Dino Meat Hunt Game

You will be able to create bridges on the watered areas with the little dino and you will be able to blow out the fire with the big dino. Your goal is to pick all of the meats on the map and get the dinos to the cages.

Play Spin Basketball Game

Spin Basketball is fun basketball game suitable for all ages. The aim of the game is simple, just...

Play Super Bubble Shooter Game

Pop 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Navigate around obstacles such as rock bubbles, glass bu...

Play Jump Square Game

You are a square running to infinity and jumping endlessly make the best score and reach your bes...

Play Jump Temple Game

Flex your clicky finger as you jump your way through dark caverns and spiky obstacles. You'll fac...

Play Hop Quest Game

Hop toward platforms full of deadly trap ahead and reach your way out! Also don't miss precious g...

Play Adventure of Green Kid Game

In this Adventure Of Green Kid you will travel thru platforms full of dangers. Jump from one moun...

Play Turtle Jump Game

Turtle Jump is a very fun casual game that will test your skills. With taps on the screen, make t...

Play Free The Emoji Game

Hey you! Yes, you! Are you bored? Are you trying to find a funny and addictive game? Do you like ...

Play Hole 24 Game

Hole 24 is the best Simulator free to play game. This game offer 24 challenging level. Beat one l...

Play Free The Emoji GOLD Game

Hey you! Yes, you! Are you bored? Are you trying to find a funny and addictive game? Do you like ...

Play Don't Drop The White Ball Game

Play Don't Drop The White Ball Game

Play Don't Drop The White Ball 2 Game

Play Don't Drop The White Ball 2 Game

Play Happy Hop Online Game

Hop from one platform to another! Get as many stars as you can and purchase cute costumes! But be...

Play Happy Hop Online 2 Game

The hopping cuties are back! Now with more cool costumes and more stages to play. Experience new ...

Play Geo Dash Game

Avoid the obstacles.

Play Geo Dash 2 Game

Geo Dash returns with new characters and 50 new levels!

Play Ufo Run Game

Use your skills and reflexes to help the alien through the castle tower and increase your highsco...

Play Car Backwheel Game

You have 20 levels. Select 1 of 5 wheels and go to adventure. Beware of spikes and get over obsta...

Play Zombie Mission 4 Game

Legendary Zombie Mission series continue with a brand new game. In the 4th game of the series, yo...

Play Dino Squad Adventure Game

Two dinos which creates the dinosaur team wants to beat their enemies by doing union of forces. O...

Play Dino Squad Adventure 2 Game

Dino Squad adventure continues from where it ended before. This time another new character joins ...

Play Dino Squad Adventure 3 Game

This time dinos are embarking on a different adventure. You are not going to play in an area, you...

Play Zombie Mission 2 Game

Zombie mission continues with brand new levels. You should save the datas which are required for ...

Play Zombie Mission 3 Game

Zombie Mission saga continues with the series' 3rd game. You need to save hostages and data disks...

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