Hand Games

Play Ev.io Game

ev. io is a futuristic Halo-esque first person shooter in the browser. Play private games with your friends or play ranked public games. Earn in-game currency based on your performance to purchase skins and other cosmetics. WASD to move. Right-click to aim. Right click to zoom. Space to jump. T for melee. G for grenade. (All hotkeys can be changed/configured in settings.

Play Combat Rescue Officer Game

Combat Rescue Officer is a action fast-paced first person shooter game. Are you ready to become real action hero? You are a part of special modern war strike where you fight like in real world war and assassin all the undead enemies for survival.

Play Survive Alone Game

You are left alone on a lonely Island. It is up to you to survive on this island full of wild animals and harsh weather. Can you craft material needed for your survival on this island?Craft items ,farm food, hunt animals, light a fire and eat fruits. Remember to keep yourself hydrated, well fed and happy. Try to keep living till the next day. Click or WASD to move. Click on items in inventory to find your way across the island.

Play InstaYum Handmade Sweets Game

It's Insta Yummmy! Your favorite princesses are having a girls night and they are thinking to order something sweet. Unfortunately, the princesses can't decide what they want. Help them decorate the cupcakes and unlock the cream, fruits, and bonbons to discover all those awesome ornaments.

Play Eliza's Handmade Kawaii Shop Game

Help Eliza with her new Handmade #Kawaii Shop. Decorate the t-shirt, mug, phone case and pillow with cute stickers, sell them to gather more coins and buy more stuff to craft. Have fun!

Play Valentine's Handmade Shop Game

Love is in the air! Dotter girl just opened a brand new handmade shop dedicated to all the lovers out there. Help her create unique valentine's day gifts, such as flowers, lovable teddy bears, love letters, pillow, and delicious chocolate. Sell them to customers and make them happy.

Play Zombie Mission 6 Game

Zombie Mission starts the 6th episode with a brand new adventure. After capturing a map, they set out to the desert. The Zombie team kidnapped some prisoners and took them to the desert. Cooperate with your friend and rescue the prisoners in the desert to rescue! In Zombie Mission 6, there are mini boss and mega boss that you have to defeat. Be sure to improve your weapons and health bar with the coins you earn in order to defeat them! For this, click on the market icon between the levels and check out what you can do.  In very crowded areas, you can use the new Robots that joined the game and gain extra power in the fight. Also, don't forget to collect all data disks! This way you can move on to the next level. GAME CONTROLS Player 1: Move: W,A,S,D Hit: F Grenade: G Jump: W(Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: Q Player 2: Move: ARROW KEYS Hit: L Grenade: K Jump: UP ARROW KEY (Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: P

Play Handless Millionaire 2 Game

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but how far would you go to get all of that cash? In this game show game, your goal is to face your fears and grab the cash through a guillotine. This game has 15 levels with a gradually increasing degree of complexity, and the game is ideally suited for mobile devices.

Play Red Ball 6 - Bounce Ball Game

Hurry up, the red run ball game you love is now available Ball Hero: Red Bounce Ball. Guide the red run ball in this ball by ball - ball run adventure. Red Ball is one of the most interesting bouncing ball games (red ball - ball jumping games). If you have been interested in the earlier versions of Red big ball, you cannot ignore this version, Red Ball. With the simple control, attractive features and challenging adventures, Red ball can be regarded as one of the best red bounce ball game!

Play Join and Clash Game

The two forces are fighting on the field, and the conflict will happen at any time. The red and blue villains are standing in different areas, and all of them are fighting hand to hand, so wrestling is the only chance to win. There are many challenges, but don't be afraid, you are the bravest knight! Save your princess in the Join & Clash!

Play Beauty Makeover - Princess Wedding Day Game

Yuhuu, Eliza is finally getting married! Her bridesmaids, Annie and Beauty, are taking her to a beauty salon to get ready for the big day. Join the girls and have fun!

Play Zombie Survival Shooter Game

Zombies and zombie dog attack in modern city kill all zombie and save your city ! ! ! - more than 5 brand new zombie missions to compete in and complete - 8 weapons (pistol, 9mm silencer, m16a4, shot gun, machine gun, a400 shot gun, mp44, hand grenade) - armor and grenade option - unique city maps to choose - realistic settings for intense battles - easy to learn gameplay.

Play Red Ball 5 Game

Hurry up, the red adventure ball game you love is back with the latest version Red Bounce Ball 5: Jump Ball Adventure. Guide the red adventure ball 5 in this ball by ball adventure. The best ball game ever!

Play DIY Dress Makeover Game

Victoria just bought some rather dated outfits, and needs you to rework them into fashion-forward dresses! Cut and sew the material, tailor it, add elastic, dye the fabric, apply ribbons and bows, belts and patterns! Impress your friends with your amazing creativity, learn about upcycling for fashion and design your dream dress in DIY Dress Makeover!

Play Red Ball Forever 2 Game

Red Ball Forever 2 is an exciting Platformer where you must race through the levels collecting special items and defeating the evil guys. The monsters has invaded the beautiful kingdom the RedBall kingdom have peaceful lived in for centuries. While invading the kingdom, the tribe has stolen The keys, which represent the greatest source of power in the entire kingdom.

Play Extreme Hand Slap Game

Hand Slap game is an entertaining game which is almost known and played by everyone in real life. What about having the same excitement on your phone, tablet or PC against your friend? First of all choose the hand model and then let the struggle begin! The game is played both on keyboard with "W" and "UP ARROW KEY" and with touch controls.

Play DIY Princess Costume Transformation Game

Help Annie and Beauty with their #DIY costumes. Eliza challenged them to create the perfect party...

Play Slenderman Must Die Survivors Game

You are one of five heroes who will try to survive in Slenderland! Pick up weapons, ammo, and hea...

Play Grand Zombie Swarm Game

Grand Zombie Swarm features open world zombie shooting, you are special forces soldier and your m...

Play The Ironic Zombie Game

The Ironic Zombie game is back with HTML5 version. The new version has much more adventure. Game ...

Play Bomb It 2 Game

Destroy your opponents in new ways and new worlds in this sequel to the popular Bomb It!

Play Max Pipe Connect Game

Just like in real life, your mission is to prevent leaks and deluges by connecting the pipes and ...

Play Car Simulation Game

Car Simulation Game is a 3d game with unique gameplay and two different maps to choose from. Enjo...

Play Zombie Mission Game

We need to save the very important records from the hands of the zombies for the humanity. To do ...

Play Barbie's Nail Salon Makeover Game

Barbie has become a nail professional now, and she opens a nail salon in the city. As for the bea...

Play Colorful Clock Game

The clock is moving very fast and in a very weird way! All you have to do is to match the color o...

Play Bomb It 6 Game

Bomb It 6 is coming soon! In the meantime, why not practice your skills in Bomb It 5?

Play Nail Fashion Salon Game

Put some magic on your nails! Get creative and let your imagination go wild as you color and desi...

Play Prom Night Dressup Game

Our princess is getting ready for the prom night. Do you want to help her? Use the most beautiful...

Play Anime Girls Fashion Makeup Game

If you are both a fashionista and a fan of Japan and asian pop culture of anime comics, this new ...

Play Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Survival Z Game

Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Survival Z online free to play against much enemy AI like soldier and re...

Play Anime Girls Fashion Makeup Dress Up Game

If you are both a fashionista and a fan of Japan and asian pop culture of anime comics, this new ...

Play Zombie Mission 7 Game

The Zombie Mission continues with the brand new 7th episode. A completely different adventure awa...

Play Climb The Ladder Game

Do you want to climb the ladder? The ladder here is unusual! He has infinite height! The possibil...

Play Zombie Slayer Game

The Zombie Slayer game is a survival game that includes various missions. Sometimes you will prot...

Play Crazy Zombie Hunter Game

Get ready for a crazy zombie war in Crazy Zombie Hunter. Fight against different zombies with dif...

Play Real Metro Bus Sim Game

Metro Bus Games Real Metro Sim is now on your hands to experience the metro bus. Let's drive city...

Play Impostor Sky Ski Game

IMPOSTOR SKY SKI is an arcade game where you have to ski down the mountain to complete each level...

Play Domino Battle Game

Dominoes are back better than ever. You can choose your preferred style of game where it doesn't ...

Play Walking Monsters Game

At this shooting zombie game you will be alone on field surrounded with zombies. Only the gun in ...

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