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Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Atlanta Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Atlanta

Subway surfer in Atlanta. There are a lot of interesting places in this wonderful American city that deserve attention, but the guys, as usual, chose a place at the local station, where they are already waiting for you. Join another exciting adventure of subway surfers and help them escape from the police.

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - San Francisco Game Subway Surfers World Tour - San Francisco

A team of guys familiar to you, who love to get away from a policeman's chase along the rails of a railway station, visited the American city of San Francisco today. Restless characters will again run along the rails, overcoming various obstacles that await them on the way. Embark on an exciting adventure with them.

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - New Orleans Game Subway Surfers World Tour - New Orleans

How did it happen that Jake, the same Jack who likes to run around train stations and a carriage got to New Orleans and besides, just on Halloween Eve? But no matter how it turned out, our hero is happy about this and of course will not refuse such an opportunity to check the vigilance of the station guard and his skill, whether he has lost his experience!

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Houston Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Houston

A team of adventurers who are engaged in an unusual surf right on the railroad tracks is going to Houston today. It was this city that became the next venue for their next extreme entertainment. The guys invite you to become part of their team.

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Saint Petersburg Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Saint Petersburg

One of the most beautiful cities in Russia is St. Petersburg and of course could not stay away from the lover of running on railway rails and jumping on cars, that is, now we are talking about Subway, remember its main character? Yes, this time the boy will run here, and we will help him!

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Zurich Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Zurich

Subway surfers continue to travel the world in search of adventure. Today their choice fell on Zurich, where the clever guys will again try to escape from the police by running along the railway tracks. If you're interested in helping them, then do it right now.

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Marrakesh Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Marrakesh

Subway surfers visited beautiful Marrakech. From all the variety of interesting places available in the city, the guys chose the subway. It is here that their new exciting adventure will take place, which you can also join. Help the guys get away from the police, collect more coins and have fun.

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - London Game Subway Surfers World Tour - London

Our friend, a lover of running along railway tracks and carriages, has already been to one of the major European capitals several times, but his love for London is above all, and he is going on an exciting journey full of adventures again. By the way, he hopes that his policeman friend and his faithful dog still remember how to run!

Play Subway Surfers - World Tour Tokyo Game Subway Surfers - World Tour Tokyo

Japan offers many opportunities for surfers. But extreme athletes, known for a series of games, prefer to do this business not anywhere, but in the subway. The guys are already here and ready to make a noise in this place. But the local policeman is determined. Help subway surfers escape from pursuit.

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Mumbai Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Mumbai

Subway surfers are in India, and they couldn't help but visit one of the largest cities in this country. We are talking about Mumbai, in the subway of which adventurers have already descended. Join the guys who keep running away from the policeman trying to bring them to justice for graffiti on the walls.

Play Subway Surfers - World Tour Singapore Game Subway Surfers - World Tour Singapore

As part of the world tour, subway surfers go to conquer Singapore. Despite the fact that this incredible city is full of many interesting places, the guys keep their way straight to the subway, where they intend to arrange another exciting adventure, running away from the law enforcement officer right on the rails.

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Havana Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Havana

Our hero already thought that something unusual was waiting for him in Havana, but as soon as the guy got on the path of the train, a chase began for him. The security of the station, along with the dogs, rushed in pursuit of the boy and, if he is not helped, his world tour will end here.

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Bali Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Bali

Today, fans of action-packed adventures on the territory of an underground station go not anywhere, but straight to Bali. But the guys intend to surf not on the sea waves, but on the railway tracks. Subway surfers continue a series of exciting adventures in the subway in this wonderful place.

Play Subway Surfers - Chicago Game Subway Surfers - Chicago

Having visited many places around the globe, subway surfers finally decided to go to Chicago, which is included in the list of the largest cities in America. But, as you know, the scale of the metropolis does not matter to the guys. They are only interested in the metro station, where they go.

Play Relic Runway Game Relic Runway

Are you ready for crazy adventures? Run as far as you can, collect coins, upgrade useful bonuses, pick up parts of ancient relics, unlock amazing characters, and compete with your friends to be the best relic runner!

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Moscow Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Moscow

Subway surfers just couldn't help but visit a city like Moscow. The guys know for sure that they will be able to have fun here to the fullest, because there is a subway in this city. An exciting escape from a policeman, overcoming obstacles, collecting coins and bonuses – all this is waiting for fun surfers.

Play Subway Surfers - Barcelona Game Subway Surfers - Barcelona

Fans of adventures at various metro stations went to Spain today. Their choice fell on the beautiful city of Barcelona, where they are ready to once again tickle their nerves by running away from a representative of the law. Join the thrill seekers to help them escape from the chase.

Play Subway Surfers - Cairo Game Subway Surfers - Cairo

Subway surfers went to Egypt. But they are not going to swim in the sea and sunbathe. The guys preferred to go to the capital of this country in order to conquer the local metro. Adventurers have already descended to the Cairo metro, and are fully ready to arrange an exciting adventure there.

Play Captain Minecraft Game Captain Minecraft

Do you like adventure games? Captain Minecraft is waiting for you.

Play Gold Strike Game Gold Strike

Throw the pickaxe and go for the gold strike. If the wall gets too close, you will get stuck in the gold mine!

Play Gold Seeker Game Gold Seeker

Do you like the Wild West? Are you a greedy passionate of the gold rush? Then this game is for you! In gold seeker you take the role of a miner in the Wild West, looking for precious metals and stones. Get your hook and your dynamite and prepare be the richest miner of the west!

Play Bus Subway Runner Game Bus Subway Runner

Bus and Subway Runner is a famous continuation of the dangerous adventures of our mutual friend, who is constantly running somewhere and probably will never stop, well, if only to improve his abilities. Our traveler has visited many countries and cities, but he has not exactly seen this yet, so right now he will have almost a round-the-world trip in which he will have to go through a lot of different locations connected to each other. So he will run through the city streets filled with people and cars, in addition, he may come across a city with sandy beaches and huge yachts. It is worth mentioning the eastern map, which is as beautiful as oriental music. But at all levels, even in the winter city, he is still being chased by an evil policeman who will not calm down until he catches up with our boy, and we, in turn, must do everything so that he does not catch up with him. And no matter how much we would like to look around, we need to look only forward, only sometimes we can look back, and then only to understand that your hero has not been caught up yet.

Play Subway Surfers 2 Game Subway Surfers 2

Funny guys from the popular Subway Surf game don't want to end their exciting adventures. They are running along the railway lines again, trying to get away from the evil policeman and at the same time not to get under the wheels of huge trains. Join us in this incredible adventure.

Play Gold Mine Strike Christmas Game Gold Mine Strike Christmas

Gold Mine Strike Christmas brings a new way of playing Gold Strike with a Christmas flavor. Throw candy canes, get rid of packages and use powerups to enhance your progress. The gold you acquire is used to upgrade the powerups.

Play Gold Mine Strike Game Gold Mine Strike

Gold Mine Strike brings a new way of playing Gold Strike with a Minecraft flavor. Throw pickaxes, get rid of blocks and use powerups to enhance your progress. The gold you acquire is used to upgrade the powerups.

Play Ben 10 Up To Speed Game Ben 10 Up To Speed

A simple game with a well-known racing plot, designed using modern graphics capabilities. The player quickly flies on a graviserf on the highway and collects coins. His movement goes through the air. His path is blocked by various road obstacles. The game will require quick reactions from the participant.

Play Subway Surfers - Buenos Aires Game Subway Surfers - Buenos Aires

The boy was engaged in painting an object on which it is forbidden to do graffiti. For the violation, the boy was caught by a local policeman, who was going to grab the bully at all costs and teach him a lesson. Help the kid avoid punishment by trying to escort him to a safe zone, while maneuvering between obstacles.

Play Subway Surfers - Peru Game Subway Surfers - Peru

Today, subway surfers have drifted into Peru, and they intend not to stop their breathtaking adventures. The guys are heading straight to the local subway again, where they will run along the rails, trying to escape from the pursuit of a policeman. Success in this case depends on your attentiveness and reaction speed.

Play Subway Surfers World Tour - Beijing Game Subway Surfers World Tour - Beijing

For a long time, the hero of all pranksters had fun in the cities of Europe, but after he defected to America, where he continued his journey. However, he was haunted by one of the largest and most numerous countries in the world – China, he had been thinking about getting to this country for a long time, but something constantly prevented him. This could not go on forever, and the guy decided to make his dream come true by going to China. Maybe his fans, that is, you should join the funny boy and help him complete the maximum program, while not falling into the clutches of the Chinese police.

Play Subway Surfers - Iceland Game Subway Surfers - Iceland

As part of the world tour, subway surfers visited Iceland. The guys are going to paint the walls of the local subway again, and then run away from the representative of the law. This next fun adventure in a new place promises to give subway surfers an unforgettable experience. Will you join us?

Play Subway Surfers - Cambridge Game Subway Surfers - Cambridge

Today, subway surfers turned out to be in Cambridge, and they definitely do not intend to be bored here. The guys take spray cans with paint and, of course, skateboards, and go straight to the metro station. As always, their exciting adventure will take place here. Help the thrill-seekers escape from the evil cop.

Play Subway Surfers - Las Vegas Game Subway Surfers - Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a chic city where summer lasts for 12 months. There are many sandy beaches where guests of this place like to relax. But subway surfers are not attracted by these features of Las Vegas. They came here to arrange an adventure chase in the subway.

Play Bus Rush Game Bus Rush

Bus Rush is an amazing arcade game with an endless mechanism. Try to pull off some epic stunts and tricks and show off what you can do! Look out for the power-ups too that will give you a boost. Have fun today and try the different skateboard models available.

Play Subway Surfers - Mumbai Game Subway Surfers - Mumbai

Play Subway Surfers - Mumbai Game

Play Subway Surfers - Kenya Game Subway Surfers - Kenya

Subway surfers in Africa! The guys stopped in Kenya, and intend to make noise in the local subway. To begin with, they want to leave a reminder of their visit on its walls, after which they will have an exciting chase. Help the guys escape from the pursuit of a Kenyan policeman and collect more coins.

Play Flippy Journey Game Flippy Journey

Flippy Journey is an exciting endless level-base game in which you press left arrow key to move the flip the player left, press left arrow key the flip the player right, try to avoid the obstacles and traps standing in your way. The goal is to move though all the platforms to reach the end of the level, collect coins to unlocks new skins and new platform types.

Play Subway Surfers - Space Station Game Subway Surfers - Space Station

Having visited many cities around the globe, subway surfers have come to the conclusion that it's time for them to move to a whole new level. Today the guys are visiting the space station, where they are going to continue their exciting adventures. Don't miss the opportunity to go there with them.

Play Subway Surfers - Paris Game Subway Surfers - Paris

Paris became the next stop for restless surfers who love to ride skateboards on the subway. It is in this city that the guys will continue their series of adventures. If you like not only to follow the entertainment of the guys, but also to participate in them, then join them this time.

Play Shanghai Game Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the largest Chinese cities. Guests of this metropolis with a variety of preferences will definitely find something to occupy themselves here. There is also a subway in the city, which is so loved by subway surfers. That's where they rushed to as soon as they got to Shanghai. We went on an adventure together with the guys.

Play Subway Surfers Game Subway Surfers

Play Subway Surfers Game

Play Subway Surfers - Oxford Game Subway Surfers - Oxford

Surfers who love adventure races in the underground subway continue to travel around the planet in search of unique places for their entertainment. Today they stopped in Oxford, and intend to excite the security of the local subway. Join the funny guys to plunge into adventures with your head.

Play Adventures of Flig Game Adventures of Flig

"Adventures of Flig" - opens a new world in hockey games without glow and neon! It's interesting story which combines three games in one - air hockey, runner and labyrinth. Explore beautiful and mysterious worlds and fight the unique enemies to help save Flig's beloved from the clutches of the vile Spider! And don't forget the tiny spider Spidey! Guide him through the dangerous mazes and he'll play a significant role in the adventure!

Play Subway Surfers - Arabia Game Subway Surfers - Arabia

Play Subway Surfers - Arabia Game

Play Subway Surfers - Prague Game Subway Surfers - Prague

Prague is a place where everyone can admire the beauty of nature and incredible creations of architecture. However, this is not what attracted subway surfers. Adventurers love to draw graffiti on the subway walls of different cities, and Prague is no exception. The law enforcement officer intends to punish the guy. Will you help him get away from the chase?

Play Skateboard Surfers Game Skateboard Surfers

Skateboard Surfers are a new Subway-style toy, but with its own unique characters and subtleties. The game turned out to be colorful and bright, but the task remained the same – to run with all your might using the board. In general, an excellent replacement for the paid original.

Play Subway Surfers - Amsterdam Game Subway Surfers - Amsterdam

Amsterdam has become the end point of today's journey of surfers who love to have fun on the subway. The guys decided to arrange a race, during which they will run away from the local policeman, while collecting coins and deftly avoiding obstacles. Join them in their exciting adventure.

Play Subway Surfers - Copenhagen Game Subway Surfers - Copenhagen

The adventures of restless surfers who love to have fun on the railway tracks are gaining momentum. The guys ended up in Copenhagen, and the first place they will go, of course, will be the subway. Exciting races, taking place in an attempt to escape from the local police, will increase the level of adrenaline in your blood.

Play Subway Surfers - Madagascar Game Subway Surfers - Madagascar

Subway surfers wanted something exotic. That's why they went to an African island called Madagascar. The guys have already admired the local nature enough and go down to the subway, where they will begin their favorite adventures. Don't let them get caught by a policeman.

Play Subway Surfers - Washington Game Subway Surfers - Washington

Play Subway Surfers - Washington Game

Play Teen Runner Game Teen Runner

Warning ! You were just having fun in the railways and a gard saw you. Now he is running ! It's time for a run ! How far will you go ? You also have to avoid obstacles and trains… Have fun !

Subway Surfers - Prague
Subway Surfers - Prague
Subway Surfers - New York
Subway Surfers - New York
Subway Surfers World Tour - Beijing
Subway Surfers World Tour - Beijing
Subway Surfers World Tour - Bali
Subway Surfers World Tour - Bali
Adventures of Flig
Adventures of Flig
Gold Strike
Gold Strike
Subway Surfers World Tour - Iceland
Subway Surfers World Tour - Iceland
Subway Surfers - Barcelona
Subway Surfers - Barcelona

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